After an accident.

What to do after an accident The first thing you should do after an accident is to call the local police department and tell them what happened. This includes giving your name, address, phone number and license plate information (if your car is not at the accident site). After this, you should also call yourContinue reading “After an accident.”

Affordable adjustments

We offer affordable adjustments as part of our chiropractic clinic. It is our belief that chiropractic should be affordable and fit into most people’s budget. Back pain and neck pain have gotten worse since people started working from home. Poor ergonomics and not ideal work stations make for a painful work environments. A chiropractic adjustmentContinue reading “Affordable adjustments”

Get adjusted

We offer adjustments for $25. The reason we offer adjustments for such an affordable price is we believe that there should be any high cost barriers keeping you from getting good spinal care. Getting properly aligned has many health benefits. When you have less pain you can think more clearly and work harder. Come inContinue reading “Get adjusted”