Auto Accidents 101: What to do if you’re car gets hit.

If you’re car gets hit by another vehicle, the first thing to do is call your insurance company. After that’s done, follow these steps:

-Stay in your vehicle and keep your seatbelt on until help arrives.

-If someone was injured, call 911.

-Check to see if the other driver has insurance information in their car or in a wallet

or purse.

-If the other driver doesn’t have insurance information, call your own to report the accident and provide contact information so you can be contacted for follow up questions.

-Ask the other driver for their information, including name and phone number.


-Stay in your vehicle until help arrives

-Call 911 if someone was injured on the


-Check to see if the other driver has insurance information in their car or purse

-If they don’t have any, ask for contact info so you can be contacted later about follow up questions

After a car accident, how do insurance companies and courts establish who was at fault? What steps can you take to protect your legal rights after you’ve been involved in an accident? How will car insurance policy limits affect an injury claim? We’ll answer these questions and many more in this section, plus you’ll find in-depth coverage of different types of vehicle accidents.

If you have been in a motorcycle, truck or car accident, understanding your legal rights and responsibilities can provide both financial relief and peace of mind.

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